World War 1

World War 1 – Castleton Remembers

Supported by a Heritage Lottery Fund award, CHS members researched the stories of the men of Castleton who fought in the First World War. The results of their work formed a memorable exhibition of photographs and historical details which was displayed in the Visitor Centre in August 2014. 

“The project involves research and collation of documents, newspaper archives and photos that will continue to be a resource for the future, aiming to build a picture of the village during the war and of some of the families that were drastically affected by the events of 1914 – 1918.”  Continue reading The WW1 Exhibition Report

In fact work on the project continued as further material was provided by local families and continuing research into British newspapers and the enlarged exhibition was displayed in August 2015.

The exhibition can be seen on The Museum page.  See also  CHS Blog (Category tab Events/Museum) for the Opening of the Exhibition by Mary Bagley of the PDNPA and Peter Harrison of the CHS.