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Welcome to Castleton Historical Society’s website

The Next Meeting will be held by Zoom on June 17, 2021.
“THE PEAK DISTRICT’S PAUPER PAST: A powerful portrait of the lives of paupers in the Peak District from the 17th-19th centuries, as revealed through historical ‘parish chest’ and workhouse records.
Speaker: Tim Knebel

 “Discover the fascinating lives of paupers of the Peak District’s past, as we lift the lid on the old church ‘parish chest’ and reveal a wealth of under-used ‘settlement and removal’ records, created following the ‘Old Poor Law’ Act of 1601. We also look at surviving workhouse records, created by the ‘New Poor Law’ of 1834, which led to establishment of the dreaded ‘Union Workhouse’ system. We show how examining such sources can give a powerful sense of the past lives and hardships of some of the poorest people in society, as they struggled to eke out an existence in a remote and inhospitable landscape, and whose voices ordinarily would not survive from their time.”

You can visit the CHS Activities page for descriptions of earlier talks including links to watch ‘The Bootmakers’ Strike in Eyam & Stoney Middleton’  & ‘The Origins of The Castleton Garland’.


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The Derbyshire village of Castleton developed as a settlement in the 12th century when the Norman fortress of Peveril Castle was built there. It lies in the Peak District National Park, the oldest National Park in the UK.  Castleton Historical Society was founded in 1973 as a voluntary group with the aim of researching and promoting the history of the Village through a programme of events, displays and talks.  This website provides information about our meetings, research activities, publications, events and The Castleton Museum for which CHS is responsible.  New members are always welcome.

The Castleton Museumis an accredited museum housed at Castleton Visitor Centre, Buxton Rd. The Centre is a joint partnership between The Peak District National Park Authority and CHS and has just been re-opened after a major refurbishment.  The Museum has also been redesigned with a new layout, displays and a wall size screen for digital presentations.

You can find the Visitor Centre here  Castleton Visitor Centre


Visit the CHS Blog for our latest news, including the Castleton Dig Diary.