2011 Dig at Spital Fields

The 2011 dig made a significant contribution to the archaeological data, revealing interesting and tantalising finds, extending the wall found in the previous year and finding another.  Other finds included late medieval pottery, 2 skulls and some teeth which, after analysis, were found to be human.   The good weather and the high volunteer participation, including the children from Castleton Primary School, meant that a lot was accomplished to inspire further work in 2012.  Read the full account in Archaeological Update 2011


Pottery Roadshow 2011. Chris Cumberpatch, a well-known local expert in identifying and dating pottery, spent the morning in Castleton at the Methodist Chapel identifying pieces of pottery brought along by local residents. He also brought along examples of his own medieval pottery to illustrate the kinds of shards that volunteers might hope to find when working on the Medieval Hospital project.

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